30th August 2022
After an extensive review I am redeveloping the core of the game.
Externally there will be few changes at first. However, the changes will allow me much greater flexibility and faster development without being restricted by the original framework of the game that I created at the start of development.

The hardest part of this has now been completed. I am also looking at how to import graphics into the game faster and setup an improved workflow.

On a more personal note I am now working less. It turns out trying to work 7 days a week and 16 hours a day is not that healthy. So now I finish work earlier in the day and take weekends off like the rest of society! Net result is my productivity has increased, I'm more creative and have a better overview of the game.
27th June 2022
First Test Ends
The first public test has concluded, I will now review the project based on experience running the first public server.
Much of the testing has been focused on net code, since the smooth running of the game servers is important. In addition:
  • Excess traffic was investigated and found to be falty metering.
  • Experimented with running live server in debug mode.
  • Server now operating in a low resource environment to test efficiency.
  • Added admin automation enhancements.
  • Separated player gui into upper/lower layers.
  • Investigated use of switching to XML and MongoDB for game data.
  • Solved a memory leak that was causing CPU slowdown.

  • The left part of the graph show memory (grey) slowly increasing which also induced a CPU hit. The right part of the graph is post-patch with a nice stable server.
    24th June 2022
    I had to take a short break due to sickness 🤮, but development continues.
    It is ironic that my last update promised daily updates and then... nothing. ;) However I was still able to make some progress.
  • Net code error fixed.
  • Source of game disconnection issues found (external problem with ISP). A temporary fix is in place.
  • I have automated many server administration tasks so I can spend more time on development.
  • Enabled additional server testing.
  • Fixed bug on website and added blog page.
  • 16th June 2022
    Daily Updates
    I am going to try and give daily updates if I can, perhaps in Discord, Reddit or Facebook. Stay tuned!
    Some changes:
  • Connection stability improvements
  • No focus warning
  • Made move button automatically expand on first click
  • Hotkeys for scrolling - WASD or cursor keys. Use shift for fast scroll. Use z/x or +/- keys for zoom in/out.
  • 15th June 2022
    A hotfix to address a rare issue of the client crashing has been uploaded.
    A separate problem with random server disconnection is under investigation.
    14th June 2022
    First Test
    After a long time of preparing a first playable version, it is now uploaded.
    My current focus is making the server reliable and ironing out any show stopping bugs. Then we will focus on gameplay as a priority over graphics, but also check the roadmap for the longer term plans!