"mystical feral warrior girls playing battles for sport and combat prowess"
Welcome to Gogagirls!

A multiplayer strategy game for browser, desktop and mobile currently in pre-Alpha.

The game is evolving based on player feedback - become an early adopter and help shape the game!

Jules xx
Servers Online



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Roadmap Outline

Client core
Multiplayer server
Mobile support
Basic harvesting
Basic combat
Initial test
Post-test review

Developing Now
Core Restructuring

Developing Next

This list is not set in stone and the direction may change according to what players enjoy or what features will yield the largest benefit.
Crowdfunding is now Underway

Donate what you like and your contribuition will count towards in-game benefits and recognition. See in-game for more details.
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Want to get in touch?

Please make initial contact using a social media link above.
Essential Gogagirl Internet Acronyms For

=Good game
=Good Game Gogagirls
=Gogagirls (breeding)
=Gogagirls (with halfling infant)